Canadian charity that aims to eradicate illiteracy in rural India

Ekal runs over 90,000 schools that help educate 2.6 million children in tribal and rural areas of India

About Ekal Vidyalaya

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada (Ekal Canada) was founded in 2007. Ekal is a registered Canadian charity and a non-profit organization engaged in the education of tribal, indigenous children in rural India and Nepal. Ekal Canada has ZERO administrative cost. This means 100% of the proceeds from your donations go towards Ekal’s programs. Ekal is the largest grassroots movement for rural education in the world.

Charity Registration Number: 853421162RR0001


Flyer for Ekal event Picnic in the Park 2024

Picnic in the Park 2024

21/07/2024 | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

A summer fundraiser for 2024!

Holi & Vaisakhi 2024

21/04/2024 | 6:00 pm –

Ekal Canada presents Holi & Vaisakhi 2024. Live music, DJ, snacks & dinner!

London Spirit of Holi Festival 2024

06/04/2024 | 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Ekal Canada presents the London Ontario spirit of Holi Festival.


Ekal Vidyalaya at a Glance Oct 2023

Ekal Vidyalaya at a Glance

100,000 Schools Opened!






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Rural India Covid-19 relief

Most Ekal villages are very remote and generally do not have easy access to medical facilities. A large Ekal team worked hard to prevent and control the pandemic in these villages in rural India.

Our Programs


Digital Literacy and Basic Education form the pillars of Ekal’s strategy in Rural India


We think it’s our social responsibility to address the issues related to healthcare.

Special Projects

Projects designed to fill gaps in India’s Development


One Teacher Schools

Ekal Vidyalaya is a one-teacher school primarily in the remote tribal villages where often there are not even the basic necessities of life such as roads, hospitals, schools, clean water etc. A school consists of 25 to 40 children and there are no formal school buildings. Classes are held under a tree, in a verandah, or wherever else is available. A blackboard, teacher and students form the classroom. Recently, the Arogya project was launched in parallel to reach the remotest village in India and provide better health care services based on the concept of Home Remedies. It helps:
  • To bridge the gap between remote areas and modern health facilities.
  • Creating awareness by health care education – emphasis is on sanitation, nutrition, personal hygiene and mother and child healthcare.
  • Providing preventive and curative health services (healthcare activity).
  • To create awareness about the national health program.

Special Ekal Projects in Rural Communities:

  1. E-Shiksha (Teaching with Tablets)
  2. Tailoring Training Center
  3. Ekal On Wheels (Mobile Van for Digital Literacy)
  4. Integrated Village Development
  5. Telemedicine
  6. Gramothan (Village Development) Resource Center
  7. Digital Literacy Training Center


The curriculum consists of Languages, Mathematics, General Education, Science, Storytelling, Basic Healthcare, Handicrafts, and Physical Education.


The cost to adopt one school is CAD $500 per year. Donations, often collected during fundraising activities are used to cover this cost.


Teachers salary (honorarium) 60%; Teacher training 25%; Teaching material 6%; Regional operating expense 4%; Administrative expenses 5%.


Teachers are invariably from the same village to ensure effect, preserve stability and maintain effectiveness. There are periodic programmes of training for teachers and other volunteers forming management network at all levels: junior, middle and senior.

Our Mission

Our Mission is the holistic development of remote villages, tribal areas of India and developing neighboring countries through well-designed, effectual education supporting Literacy, Healthcare, Economic Development and Empowerment. Ekal is the largest non-government organization engaged in the education of the poorest of the poor in the world.

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A contribution of CAD $500 helps run one Ekal school for an entire year, educates 30 children, and has a positive impact on 30 rural families.

Through your gift you will receive the opportunity to make a significant difference.