Special Projects

Projects designed to fill gaps in India’s Development


Ekal on Wheels

Ekal on Wheels is a mobile computer lab that provides digital literacy training to youth in rural villages.

Developed in partnership with IIT Bombay’s Spoken Tutorial Project, ‘Ekal on Wheels’ travels to remote areas to bring computer skills and digital empowerment to youth who otherwise would have no access to free skills training.


The Curriculum

The Ekal on Wheels curriculum focuses on building technology skills and financial literacy, in addition to entrepreneurship training. Most students have never used computers before.

Topics covered include:

  • General introduction to computers
  • Keyboard and digital illustration skills
  • MS Office and Open Office tools
  • Internet browsing
  • Email
  • Navigating websites
  • Digital banking

Graduates earn a certificate from IIT Bombay. With their digital skills, many go on to earn computer-related jobs or start businesses.


Digital Literacy Training Center

In the 21st century, with technology making great in-roads into every walk of life in India, digital literacy provides huge opportunities. The Digital Literacy Training Centers run short-term courses that allow graduates to get a basic understanding of word processing, spreadsheets, accounting software and the Internet. Graduates not only are able to apply for jobs at government offices but also are able to run Internet cafes to help others. This provides for good income-earning opportunities.


  • Three-month program
  • Graduates can earn up to Rs. 15,000/month
  • Graduates become entrepreneurs and run government-certified Computer Service Centers
  • Graduates get certified by the IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials group

Planned Expansion

Jharkhand(4), Bihar(3), Assam(1), Himachal Pradesh(1), Maharashtra(1), Madhya Pradesh(2), West Bengal(1), Telangana(1), Chhattisgarh(1), Rajasthan(2), Odisha(1)

Donation Needed: $30,000/Center (one Time)
Covers Capital Expenditures and Operational Expenses for 3 years


Tailoring Training Centres

Tailoring Training is an initiative to empower rural women through micro-entrepreneurship.

We teach women how to sew clothes and connect them to large-scale market opportunities, increasing both earning potential and self-confidence.

How It Works

Tailoring trainees participate in a three-month training at a local Gramothan (Village Development) Resource Center. Training is led by expert instructors and taught in the local language.

Next, trainees can choose from a variety of opportunities to share their skills with the world and earn a substantial income while doing so.


E-Shiksha - Teaching With Tablets

Tablets provide a unique opportunity to increase the breadth and depth of the curriculum provided at Ekal Schools. Using tablets in schools helps bring digital literacy to children at a very young age.


  • The tablet program is implemented at the cluster (group of 30 villages) level
  • Each school is given four tablets
  • Well curated content from different sources are presented using the tablets
  • Trainers train teachers on effectively using the tablets

Pilot Project Outcomes

  • Children are excited about coming to school and using the tablets
  • Teacher training is also uploaded onto the tablets. Teachers are able to use the training content to improve their teaching
  • Special curriculum on health, hygiene and topics specific to women helps bring added value to the learning in the schools

Donations Needed: $15,000/30 Villages (One Time)


Integrated Village Development

To uplift and empower the underprivileged sections of rural and tribal villages of India, Ekal proposes various interventions for 30 village clusters under its project called ‘Integrated Village Development’. The interventions are cohesive and address all the major issues/problems affecting the progress of rural villages.

Planned Expansion

Jharkhand(10), Bihar(6), Assam(4), Uttarakhand(2), Uttar Pradesh(4), Gujarat(1), Maharashtra(4), Madhya Pradesh(2), Jammu and Kashmir(4), West Bengal(3), Rajasthan(4), Odisha(4), Himachal Pradesh(2), Telangana(1), Andhra Pradesh(1), Karnataka(2), Tamil Nadu(2), Kerala(1)

Donation Needed: $50,000/year for 5 years



Bringing health services to the last mile is an important goal for Ekal Arogya, the health wing of Ekal. Advancement in telemedicine has opened up new avenues to bring quality healthcare to Ekal villages. The effort has been piloted in Odisha. The success of the pilot has encouraged us to expand the program.


  • Local women are trained to use the telemedicine tools
  • The tools help triage common ailments
  • Villagers who need special attention are connected to a doctor using video conferencing
  • Donation Needed: $40,000/30 Villages (One Time)

Gramothan (Village Development) Resource Center

Skill Training and Production Center

Gramothan (Village Development) Resource Centers are established at the center of 100 villages. In addition to skill training, the centers also have demonstration units to showcase agricultural techniques. The centers are built to be aligned with the government skill training program will offer those programs at the center.


  • Skill training – Tailoring, Digital Literacy, Organic Farming, Solar Repair etc
  • Connection to markets – Self Help Groups formed to connect trainees to market opportunities
  • Production Center – Large scale orders, food processing etc
  • Demo Farms

A single Gramothan Center will directly impact 100,000 people living in 100 surrounding villages.  It has the potential to significantly improve the economy of the villages. Currently there are 15 Gramothan locations in different stages of development.

A contribution of CAD $500 helps run one Ekal school for an entire year, educates 30 children, and has a positive impact on 30 rural families.

Through your gift you will receive the opportunity to make a significant difference.