Diwali good wishes from Ekal Canada

Namaste Everybody,

The world will be celebrating Diwali on October 18th (or October 19th).  It is a day to remember the return of Shri Ram from exile after 14 years.  Shri Ram defeated Ravan in a 10 day war, and returned to Ayodhia on this day. It was a victory of the forces of virtue. It must have been a great event in the world history( In Treta Yug)  that this day is remembered almost after million years.

Diwali is a day of feast and festivity, and exchange of greetings and gifts. It is the night of worship of the goddess of prosperity for spiritual and material progress.  Diwali night is the darkest night.  But it is illuminated by lighting diyas and lamps to welcome back Shri Ram, and Ma Lakshmi into our lives.

On this auspicious occasion, on behalf of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada, I pray for the blessings upon all.  Your financial support helps in removing illiteracy, poverty and disease from remote villages in India. Ekal Canada sponsored this year 559 schools with enrollment of 18,000 children with your support.  There are over 55,000 Ekal schools in total with enrollment of about 1.5 million children. About 300,000 children move from Ekal schools to regular schools every year. Donation of $500 supports one school of about 30 children for one year.  Please visit an Ekal school to find the facts for yourself. Ekal volunteers will make all the arrangements. विद्या दानं महा दानं – विद्या दान सब से उत्तम दान है. Gift of education is the most sublime gift. 

Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and happy Diwali,

Parshotam Gupta
President Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada